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What to see in Havana, what to do, what to visit. Places of interest

Posted by webmaster on 13 January, 2020
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What to see in Havana, what to do, what to visit. Places of interest

If you wonder what to see in Havana and what places to visit, you are in the right place, in this post we propose to recommend your main sites of interest.

The first thing you should know is that Havana is a fairly large city, to see it well it is necessary at least 3 to 5 days, however, we will give you a guide depending on the time you have.

What to do in Havana in 2 days?

If you have little time and it is the first time you come, it is better to concentrate on just a few things and not make the mistake of wanting to see everything. Many tourists want to optimize their money at the expense of their fatigue. I do not recommend this because exhausted you can not enjoy and you can turn your tour into an ordeal under the burning Cuban sun.

If you have two days, I recommend you start with Old Havana which is an impressive place and with the largest cluster of tourist places in Havana.

What to see in Old Havana?

You can start at the Museum of the Revolution and go down to the Cathedral Square.

The Museum of the Revolution treasures the recent history of Cuba with numerous relics of the revolutionary struggle, in this palace the office where the former dictator Batista was running the country is also preserved.

Just before reaching the Plaza de la Catedra you can enjoy an emblematic bar-restaurant in Havana: La Bodeguita del Medio and taste its famous mojito drink there.

The Cathedral Square and its buildings are listed as indispensable elements of Cuban heritage architecture, it is surrounded by architectural beauties such as the Don Luis Chacó stately homes, the Marquis of Arcos and the Marquis of Aguas Claras, as well as the luxurious Palace of the Count of Casa Lombillo, the Callejón del Chorro and the Seminary of San Carlos.

It stands out presiding over the square, the baroque style of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception of Havana, better known as the Cathedral of Havana.

This is a place for a must-see photo.

Arms square

Just a few steps from the Cathedral is the Plaza de Armas. It is a place surrounded by monuments and buildings such as: the Palace of the Second Cape, the Castle of the Royal Force, the College of San Gerónimo de La Habana, the Temple, the Palace of the General Captains, among other places of interest. Also here you can take great pictures.

St. Francis of Assisi Square

About 500 meters from the Plaza de Armas is the Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, you can take the Trades Street and make the route quickly through its cobbled streets. Before arriving you will appreciate small shops with souvenirs, restaurants and art galleries. It is one of the oldest in Havana and houses constructive treasures inside.

Rum Museum

You can walk to this small museum from San Francisco de Asis Square, where the history of Havana Club rum and how to make it are explained.

Chocolate Museum

It is also very close to the Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, I recommend you especially stop here and taste a cold milkshake or a cup of hot chocolate; as you prefer; in an environment full of old objects and equipment for work with this food. You can also buy exquisite handmade chocolates, made in this sweet place.

Old Square

The Old Square is one of the busiest spots in the area. You will find in its surroundings breweries, restaurants and cafes.

Bishop Street

Obispo Street is one of the most interesting in Old Havana, it is also one of the most populous for its shops that extend from Bernaza Street to the Plaza de Armas. Here you can visit the famous Floridita Restaurant and taste a daiquirí, taking a picture next to the sculpture of Hemingway.

What to do in Havana at night?

At night Havana has many options. There are many clubs, cabarets and places to enjoy. The best known are the Tropicana Cabaret and the Parisien. Although there are excellent nightclubs such as: El Gato Tuerto and La Zorra y el Cuervo, the latter specialized in Jazz. You can also enjoy the many Music Houses where you can dance Caribbean rhythms with live orchestras.

What to do in Havana in 3 days?

National Capitol

The National Capitol is one of the Cuban architectural relics, it is located at the beginning of the Paseo del Prado, on the boundaries between the Old Havana and Centro Habana Municipalities. Recently it has been remodeled. It is an excellent place to take good pictures.

Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park

The Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park, on the east coast, at the entrance of the bay, are strengths considered among the most spectacular in the Caribbean …

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