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What to see in Havana, what to do, what to visit. Places of interest

Posted by encuba on 19 November, 2018
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What to see in Havana, what to do, what to visit. Places of interest

If you ask what to see in Havana and what places to visit, you are in the right place. In this article we recommend your main sites of interest.

The first thing you should know is that Havana is a big city, to see it well it is necessary at least 3 to 5 days, however, we will make a guide depending on the time you have.

What to do in Havana in 2 days?

If you have little time and it is the first time you come, it is better to concentrate on just a few things and not make the mistake of wanting to see everything. Many tourists want to optimize their money at the expense of their fatigue. Exhausted can not be enjoyed and you run the risk of turning your tour into a punishment under the burning Cuban sun.

If you have two days, I recommend you start at Old Havana, which is an impressive place with the largest number of tourist places in Havana.

¿What to see in Old Havana?

You can start at the Museum of the Revolution and go down to the Plaza de la Catedral.

The Museum of the Revolution treasures the recent history of Cuba with numerous relics of the revolutionary struggle, in this palace the office where the old dictator Batista headed the country is also kept.

Just before arriving at the Plaza de la Catedra you can enjoy an emblematic bar-restaurant in Havana: La Bodeguita del Medio and taste its famous mojito drink there.

The Plaza de la Catedral and its buildings are essential elements of Cuban heritage architecture, surrounded by architectural beauties such as the Señorial Houses of Don Luis Chacó, the Marquis of Arcos and the Marquis of Aguas Claras, as well as the luxurious Palacio del Conde de Casa Lombillo, the Callejón del Chorro and the Seminary of San Carlos.

It stands out presiding over the square, the baroque style of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception of Havana, better known as the Cathedral of Havana.

Arms square

The Plaza de Armas is just a few steps away from the Cathedral. It is a place surrounded by monuments and buildings such as: the Palacio del Segundo Cabo, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the San Gerónimo School of Havana, the Templete, the Palace of the General Captains, among other places of interest. Also here you can make very good pictures.

San Francisco de Asís Square

About 500 meters from the Plaza de Armas is the Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, you can take Oficios street and make the tour quickly through its cobblestone streets. Before arriving you can appreciate small shops with souvenirs, restaurants and art galleries. It is one of the oldest in Havana and houses constructive treasures in its interior, although the plaza itself and the architecture of the adjoining buildings is enough to show.


Ron Museum

You can walk to this small museum from La Plaza San Francisco de Asis, where the history of Havana Club rum and how to make it is explained.


Chocolate Museum

It is also very close to the Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, I highly recommend you stop here and taste a cold milkshake or a cup of hot chocolate; as you prefer; in an environment full of antique objects and equipment for work with this food. You can also buy some exquisite handmade chocolates, made in this sweet place.


Old Square

The Plaza Vieja is one of the most hectic points in the area. You will find nearby breweries, restaurants and cafes.


Obispo Street

Obispo Street is one of the most interesting in Old Havana, it is also one of the most populous for its shops that extend from the street of Bernaza to the Plaza de Armas. Here you can visit the famous Floridita Restaurant and taste a daiquiri, taking a picture next to Hemingway’s sculpture.


What to do in Havana at night?

In the night Havana has many options. There are many clubs, cabarets and places to enjoy. The best known are the Tropicana Cabaret and the Parisien. Although there are excellent nightclubs such as: El Gato Tuerto and La Zorra y el Cuervo, the latter specialized in Jazz. You can also enjoy the numerous Casas de la Música where you can dance Caribbean rhythms with live orchestras.


What to do in Havana in 3 days?

National Capitol

The National Capitol is one of the Cuban architectural relics, it is at the beginning of the Paseo del Prado, on the borders of the Old Havana and Centro Habana Municipalities. It has recently been renovated. It is an excellent place to take good pictures.


Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park

The Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park, on the east coast, at the entrance to the bay, are considered among the most spectacular fortresses in the Caribbean …

This complex joins the castle-fortress of the Three Kings of the Morro and the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, designed for the protection of the city against corsairs, pirates and declared enemy powers. Today it is a wide and impressive museum where a wide and rich collection of ancient weapons is collected; also, seat of important cultural events.

In the strength of the Cabaña you can attend the ceremony of the cannon shot at 9 o’clock. The activity is a cannon shot that is carried out daily with soldiers dressed as in colonial times. In this way the closing of the city gates was formerly pointed out.


Square of the Revolution

Another iconic place and attractive interest for tourists and visitors. The mausoleum to José Martí and the famous Plaza de la Revolución, where large-scale events such as May Day are held.


What to see in Havana in 4 days?

If you ask yourself what to do in Havana in 4 days, thinking that you do not have many options, I will tell you that there are many interesting places that you have not visited, such as:

The Cuban Art Factory

This place is an old oil factory, located in the neighborhood of Vedado. Currently exposes the best of contemporary art in Cuba. It was the idea of ​​the musician and composer X-Alfonso. All the artistic manifestations coexist harmoniously in the building in manifestations such as cinema, music, dance, theater, plastic arts, literature, photography, fashion, ect. It has a complex of galleries, restaurants and areas to hold events.


The Malecon of Havana

The boardwalk is a meeting place for Havanans, they meet there mainly when the afternoon is falling to enjoy the sea breeze and fight the heat. In it you will find everything from people fishing, bathing in the sea, prostitutes looking for clients to couples in love enjoying the sunset. It is a representation of the real Havana.


The Necropolis of Columbus

Maybe you wonder what a cemetery is great. Watch out! It is not any cemetery, it has invaluable jewels of the sculpture and a great percentage of its pieces have been built with marbles and sculpted by renowned artists. The Necropolis of Columbus has been declared as one of the most complete and beautiful holy fields in Latin America and the world.


Beaches of the East of Havana

About 25 minutes by car from Old Havana, to the east, are the best beaches in Havana. In order are: Santa María, Boca Ciega, Guanabo and Brisas del Mar. If you want to enjoy the sea and have a typical atmosphere of sand, sun and beach, these are the places that we recommend. Many tourists choose accommodation in those locations when they want to be near the center of Havana and also enjoy the benefits of the beach. You can also make a short tour with a rental car and enjoy there a few hours, there is the infrastructure created so that you can have a good time, there are many shops, restaurants, etc.


What to see in Havana in 5 days?

There are many attractions that you have not seen and we are going for 5 days. We will mention them very quickly if not we will do the endless post: The Museum of Decorative Arts, the Callejón de Hamel, the warehouses of artisans and artists in San José on Avenida del Puerto, the Tobacco Museum, the Tobacco Factory Partagas. Also the Gran Teatro de La Habana, the Museum of Fine Arts, El Acuario Nacional, La Marina Hemingway, Fustelandia and many others ect.

You will not get bored in Havana, we can guarantee that.


Questions and Recommendations

How to transport me from the airport in Havana?

The most practical thing is to rent a car at the exit of the airport or to reserve the service previously. On this website you can do the latter, go to the contact section and request the pick up at the airport, specifying: the number of people, the time, the terminal and the flight number. As a general rule the cost of waiting and transfer ranges from 35 to 45 CUC, depending on the driver and the car model.

Where to stay in Havana? Do I choose a hotel or a private house?

You have two options: state hotels and private homes. The former are generally more expensive. Private houses are cheaper if we compare them in their category (economic or luxury) with hotels; even with all-inclusive modes.

For example, a private home, be it a villa, apartment or beach house, can have lodging prices between 25 and 50 CUC for economic rents. The cheap 3 and 4 star hotels have prices that can double these figures. In addition, in the houses of rent there is greater flexibility with the number of people in each room, being able to negotiate with the owner and introduce more people for the same price.

The gastronomic services in the houses of rent are also economic and depend on the consumption, they oscillate between 3 and 5 CUC the breakfasts and between 5 and 10 the dinners. If you choose an apartment or house with a kitchen, you can also cook and save more.

Our recommendation is that you choose a hotel when you want to do specific things like: diving, traveling on a catamaran or practicing certain nautical activities that are services that are offered in certain hotels. There are also tourist places of Cuba very visited like the Keys where there are no houses of rent, only hotels, here you do not have the option to choose.

If you choose a hotel, do not do it for comfort, because there are many rental houses with great services and amenities that have nothing to envy to the most luxurious hotels and, to top it all, they are more economical.

If you want a good rental house, visit our section of rental houses and choose a lodging.

When should I travel to Cuba?

You can travel to Cuba on any date. The island is an eternal summer and there are practically no differences between the summer or winter months. The only thing that can spoil your vacation trip is a hurricane, but you will not have such bad luck because they are not very frequent, however, check the weather before leaving.

How to move around Havana?

There are several options, you can choose one or the other depending on your budget:

Bus for Cubans: They are very cheap, just a few cents, but they have bad service and are almost always full. I do not recommend it.

Old cars in fixed routes (almendrones): They are very cheap, these cars move on fixed routes, although you can negotiate with the drivers when you want to go to a specific destination. We recommend them, although you must choose the car well and have a minimum of comfort.

Antique or classic cars for tourists: They have high comfort conditions. Convertible cars are the most expensive. You can get charged for a 4 hour tour from 80 to 100 CUC.

Omnibus for tourists: They have very economic values ​​and specific routes. They cost between 5 and 10 CUC, valid for the entire day.

Coco-Taxis. They are rather slow cars and values ​​similar to the bus of tourists. Here you can negotiate prices with the drivers.

Modern taxis (state): They have somewhat expensive fares, although you can also negotiate with the drivers or choose a modern car from a private driver that as a rule has cheaper rates than the state.

Interprovincial Omnibus (Blue Way): They are very economical and have the most a minimum of comfort for long distances.

Railroad: Do not even think about it. It is the worst form of transportation in Cuba.



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