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Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies EnCuba.net

The following document establishes the General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies of the encuba.net website, its subdomains or associated sites. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use and Policies in general to adapt them to current legislation or to make them applicable with usual market practices. If you do not agree with any aspect of this document, please do not use our services.

Intellectual and industrial property rights.

You, the user of the website, acknowledge that all its elements: the information, structure, design and presentation of its contents, the computer programs used in connection with it, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to their authors. Therefore, you (user) may not: reproduce, transform, modify, distribute, rent, lend, disassemble, reverse engineer, make available to third parties or allow public access through any form of public communication of none of the elements referred to in the EnCuba.net site, subdomains or any of its associated sites. Nor will you be able to perform the above actions with the advertising content that refers to our website in any place or media.

In particular, the use of texts, images, advertisements and any other element included in EnCuba.net for its subsequent inclusion, in whole or in part, on other websites or media outside our portal without prior authorization and by written.

The user authorizes us to transform, reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the photographs, contact information and texts sent, belonging to their ad, in order to be published on the website and any other means that the portal uses with advertising purposes, as well as adding the watermarks of EnCuba.net and its associated sites.


Classified ads, leasing, car rental, home buying and selling, events.

The objective of the EnCuba.net project is to inform and facilitate clients, managers and self-employed workers in a general sense, the management of rental houses, cars, actions for the sale of homes, management of events such as weddings, 15-year parties or any lawful management service in the entrepreneurial landscape in Cuba. Through this service, EnCuba.net offers a double benefit both to the user who is looking for the product and to the one who offers it, putting both to negotiate quickly and efficiently. EnCuba.net is only a facilitator, therefore, you accept:

Ad Content Rules.

By publishing content on our pages, you assign us, on a non-exclusive, free and transferable basis, the rights of intellectual property, industrial property, publicity, image rights, trademark rights, database rights, and other rights that dispose of the content published on our website or set of them, (texts, images, videos, photographs, logos, slogans, brands, illustrations, email addresses, data, etc.), this applies to any of the known, current media or futures.


When using the services of EnCuba.net, we have the right to: reproduction, representation, dissemination, transformation, adaptation, elimination, translation, sub-license, distribution and public communication, of all the published content or of the content that we deem relevant.

At EnCuba.net we respect your right to privacy. We understand how important the privacy and security of your data is to you as a member of our community. For this purpose, in relation to our confidentiality policy, we will limit ourselves to collecting and using the personal data that we deem necessary for the provision of our personalized services, which may include advice and information about our products or services, as well as about those opportunities that we believe may benefit you. Through the appropriate unsubscribe mechanism, you decide if you want to receive a publication, promotion and offers that match your interests.

To post ads, you must follow the guidelines below:

Ads on any of our network of websites must be legal, must offer a service or product in the correct category; otherwise, on free plans they may be removed without notice.

It is prohibited to publish harmful or amoral announcements or that are related to inhumane practices or that endanger the physical or psychological integrity of any person.


Rates for clients and advertisers. Comission’s payment.

You, client or advertiser, accept the inclusion of special rates for services, where applicable, for: bank transfers; courier transport; real estate management, paid advertising in search engines (SEM), (Google Ads), (Bing Ads); promotion and advertising in Social Networks (SMM) and general Online Marketing services for your products or services. These fees will be added to the due invoice as appropriate.

You also accept the payment of commissions after the consummation of a service managed on our platforms. The amount of the commissions can be negotiated directly with each owner or according to the chosen plan.

Exclusion of guarantees. Indemnity.

EnCuba.net does not guarantee availability; access and continuity of the operation of the site and its services, which are mostly free. We are not responsible for damages caused to the user as a result of the unavailability of services, reservation failures, discrepancies between clients or people who offer a service (lessors, sellers, car owners, event organizers, advertisers in a general sense) . In the event that there are paid services such as advertising or others; in mutual agreement with the user or client and after they have approved the policy or signed a contract for the payment of these services, they will proceed as agreed.


EnCuba.net, its subdomains or associated sites are open interaction web projects, therefore, we do not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents, information, comments and services of third parties. Nor do we guarantee the absence of viruses and other harmful elements in the contents and services provided by users or third parties through our website or set of these, you also accept that we are not responsible for changes that may be introduced into computer systems, electronic documents or files.

EnCuba.net will not be responsible for damages of any nature derived from the use and contracting of the contents or services of users or collaborators on our platforms or a set of these. You accept that we are not responsible for damages of any nature derived from the infringement of the rights of industrial and intellectual property of third parties. If you feel that a user, client or collaborator has violated or damaged your rights by the publication of any content on our site, contact our website administration and we will evaluate your request.

You accept that EnCuba.net is not responsible for the agreements, businesses or contracts agreed between clients and lessors, buyers, collaborators, associates and other users. Our site is a facilitator and will only accept payments (rental deposits, full reservation, first night payments, or deposits of services provided by third parties), in exceptions and after obtaining the common agreement of the interested parties. In these cases, the rental deposit or any transaction would be delivered to their owners in less than 72 hours.

In the same way, EnCuba.net will not be responsible for prejudices and damages of any kind caused, due to the negligent or malicious use of comments or email addresses, by users or third parties, whether on our site or outside this site. .

You agree to indemnify and hold it harmless from any present or future claim or demand; initiated by third parties due to or originating from content that you submit, post, transmit or make available through our services or partners and that violate the interests or rights of a third party.

Use of cookies.

We use cookies that provide speed and functionality to our system; They help us protect ourselves and other users. By interacting with our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

General information.

These Conditions will be governed by Cuban legislation:

For any litigation derived from the existence or content of these conditions or from the relations between the user and the EnCuba.net team, both parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cuban courts and tribunals. (Havana).


Team EnCuba.net

Telephone: +53 55054048

Email: [email protected]

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