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What is the best place in Cuba to vacation?

Posted by Niguel Cruz on October 13, 2023

Vacation in Cuba! We reveal the best of this island to you. Imagine a place where history mixes with reality, where dream beaches merge with the vitality of urban life and where every corner offers a new surprise. That place is Cuba, a notorious Caribbean island that dazzles with its diversity and charm. But… Which of its impressive destinations is the best for an unforgettable vacation? Join us on this journey as we explore the wonders of the island!


Havana, the most visited place in Cuba.

In Havana you will find history, passion and exquisite contradictions. There are countless things to discover in this city! The Capitol, the Malecón, the Plaza de Armas or the Plaza de la Catedral, the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña and the Castillo del Morro, the streets of Vedado full of cinemas, theaters and restaurants, the honest Centro Habana, where the Day after day, Havana residents are left naked before visitors, or the exclusive Miramar and its mansions.

When it comes to discovering the essence of Cuba, Havana is the first pending task. This city has the gift of taking visitors on a journey through time to each relevant moment in its history. In addition, it has the advantage of connecting with the entire country, most of the excursions or tourist circuits in Cuba start from there. It is the best place to vacation in Cuba if you want to have the opportunity to get around the island with ease. But remember, take the time to learn its secrets! The capital of Cuba is full of memories and unique experiences, a City Tour of Havana is a must for any visitor, although you can also tour it by classic car, which is a very popular option.

By the way, if you are going to spend your vacation in Havana you need accommodation. A very popular option in Cuba are private houses, because they offer a closer perspective to their town. We present you the best accommodation options with individuals in Cuba, from the simplest and most economical to the most luxurious. There are many hotels, but none offer you an experience like this. Live Cuba from the perspective of a Cuban! You can review our vacation homes in Havana by clicking on the blue link.

Varadero, the beach resort of Cuba.

Beaches, hotels and a little more in Varadero! This strait of paradise, known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, needs little introduction. Varadero is one of the most famous beach destinations in Cuba. If your thing is the sea, the wind and a cold beer under the sun, look no further, the best place to vacation in Cuba, in your case, is Varadero. If you are also prone to letting yourself be pampered in luxury hotels, everything has been said, you can come here directly and without uncertainty, and if the hotels are full, come to our houses to vacation in Varadero.

But if even when you suffer from playitis you like to vary your experiences, don’t worry, the nearby City of Matanzas has everything a cosmopolitan tourist needs to have a good time. For the more restless, in the same province, Matanzas, is the Bay of Pigs, another renowned beach destination. If the sea and sand are definitely your thing, we recommend this article in which we tell you where the best beaches in Cuba are.

Trinidad, the most beloved corner of Cuba

Colonial atmosphere, nature and sea, it seems impossible to have it all together, but Trinidad grants miracles. The Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, an exquisite fragment of Latin American colonial memory, is located in the center of Cuba, in Sancti Spíritus. It was founded in 1514, before Havana (whose official foundation dates back to 1519), and today it deserves the category of World Heritage Site. What awaits you there? Wonders! The city itself is a delight, its atmosphere and colonial architecture will make you live a memorable experience, an experience to which the charisma of the locals will add their grain of sand. Nearby you have Playa del Ancón, one of the most spectacular in Cuba, and between walking and swimming a host of interesting places to explore: El Palacio Cantero; the Romantic Museum; the Yemayá Temple House; the House of Trova; the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity And much more! Travelers who visit are likely to talk for weeks about the best vacation of their lives in Trinidad.

If you want to experience Trinidad as Cubans do, the best option is to get away from the usual tourist areas a little. Stay in our vacation homes in Trinidad.

Cienfuegos, The Pearl of the South.

The true sea city of Cuba. Cienfuegos, bathed by the magnificent Jagua Bay, has a neoclassical charm wrapped in sea breezes. This city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a carousel of many experiences; from the Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos, full of beautiful biodiversity, to the historic Queen’s Cemetery with its famous statue of Sleeping Beauty, without ruling out the imposing Fortress of Our Lady of the Angels of Jagua, guardian of the bay or the iconic Palace of Valle and the Tomás Terry Theater.

A stay in Cienfuegos is always worth it, whether for the beautiful city or the charming Rancho Luna Beach, a crescent of golden sands and calm sea that lies close to the bay. If you are looking for a quiet place full of colonial history, this is the best place for your vacation.

Holguín, the origin of Cuba.

City of parks and May pilgrimages. Christopher Columbus arrived here when he landed in Cuba, according to stories, his first words were: This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen. Modernity and history coexist in an environment of cleanliness and good taste. A good part of the travelers who dare to explore Cuba beyond Havana and Varadero come to Holguín, and the city has a lot to offer. A neat and calm atmosphere, nuanced by the abundant parks and churches such as the Church of San José and the Cathedral of San Isidoro, but animated by the traditional May Pilgrimage, a festival of religious origin that overflows with charm and life.

If you are thinking about scheduling a couple of days to vacation in Holguín, we recommend that you do not waste the opportunity to visit Guardalavaca, a place with a suggestive name but equipped with spectacular beaches. And if you have already had a good dose of the sea on your trip to Cuba, it is very worth visiting the Alejandro Humboldt National Park, one of the best places in the country to admire nature.

Among so many destinations to visit, it is advisable to choose a well-located accommodation in Holguín that allows us to move from one place to another with ease.

Viñales, the cradle of Cuban tobacco.

Caves and mountains are scattered between tobacco plantations and traditional farms. Viñales is the best place to vacation if you are a nature lover! Tourists can take excursions to caves, explore trails and learn about the culture of local farmers, as well as stay in the picturesque town of Viñales Valley and experience Cuban rural life firsthand. Some destinations that should be noted on the to-do list are: The Mural of Prehistory; the Indian Cave; the Town of Viñales; the Palenque de los Cimarrones; and, the sugar and tobacco plantations.

The Viñales Valley is a charming place that you can explore at the pace you want. It has a lot to offer. There is a reason it is one of the main tourist destinations in Cuba, you can find accommodation in Viñales with us if you want to make a longer stop in the town, but you can also visit it from Havana on our excursion to Viñales or as part of one of our circuits for Cuba

Camagüey, the city of tinajones.

Large clay jars and a lot of Camagüey pride. We have arrived at one of the most charming cities in Cuba! Cradle of the independence hero Ignacio Agramonte, and home of the Cubans most proud of his origin. You do not believe me? Well, ask any Camagüeyan to tell you about their land, you will be pleasantly surprised. Among the details that differentiate Camagüey from other Cuban cities, the Catholic spirit stands out. Yes, of course, you will also find the African-American footprint, but it is much more likely that you will come across a baroque style church, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Candelaria or the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

History is something very alive in Camagüey, the tangled anti-pirate labyrinth that makes up its cobblestone streets will not allow you to forget it, nor will its squares and parks of colonial architecture, it is worth spending a night or two in traditional houses of Camagüey to understand the city magic There are essential places in the city, such as the Ignacio Agramonte Park, but the most distinctive thing is its enormous jars. If you stay for a while on vacation in Camagüey, we recommend that you take a look at one, you may find a whole world apart inside. .

Santiago de Cuba, the other capital.

Music, history and passion in Santiago! Santiago de Cuba is the “Cradle of son and bolero”, this place was the home of musical legends such as Ibrahim Ferrer Planas, Compay Segundo, and Olga Guillot. Its streets are a vibrant setting for the Santiaguero Carnival and the Fire Festival, two festivals full of Caribbean rhythm and culture. If you are one of those who get carried away by Cuban music, Santiago de Cuba is the best place to vacation in Cuba.

But not everything is dancing in Santiago, this city has a very important historical burden. It was the capital of Cuba in the early days of the colonial era and for centuries it has played a key role in the destiny of the island. The imposing Castle of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro and the bullet marks on the walls of the Moncada Barracks are witnesses of this. In Santiago de Cuba you will find passion contained in many different forms.

Baracoa, the oldest.

Baracoa, the Landscape City of Cuba! Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush vegetation, Baracoa is the icing on the cake of the best vacation in Cuba. If you want to get to it and enjoy its rivers and beaches you will have to take a spectacular trip between mountains. In the heart of the city stands the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, the first church built in Cuba, and the emblematic Cruz de la Parra, both imbued with deep symbolism for Cubans.

The beaches, such as Miel, Manglito and Duaba with their black sand, are an important part of the Baracoa tourist menu, but also of its history. I encourage you to look for the monument to the landing of the heroes Antonio Maceo and Flor Crombet! It is in Duaba and commemorates an important milestone in Cuban independence history. And if you are a curious person, you will surely be fascinated by the story of Cacique Hatuey, the first rebel in America.

Have you been captivated by the beauty of Baracoa? Well, stay a little longer! With us you can always find where to stay in Baracoa, or anywhere else in Cuba.

Important places in Cuba

I want to finish these recommendations by making the decision easy for you, so below I leave you a list of some of the most important tourist and historical places in Cuba. They will surely help you select the best place in Cuba to vacation.

  • Revolution Square, Havana.
  • Beaches of Varadero, Matanzas.
  • Old Havana, Havana.
  • Viñales National Park, Pinar del Rio.
  • Historic Center of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus.
  • Moncada Barracks, Santiago de Cuba.
  • Cayo Largo, sea south of Cuba
  • Sierra del Rosario, Artemisa.
  • The Malecón, Havana.
  • Cayo Guillermo, northwest coast of Cuba.

Your final decision to vacation in Cuba!

Anyway, the question about the best place to vacation in Cuba does not have a single answer. Every corner of the island offers a world of possibilities. The choice is yours, depending on your interests and desires. So, regardless of whether you let yourself be enveloped by the nostalgia of Havana, relax on the beaches of Varadero or venture into the authenticity of Trinidad, Cuba promises you an unforgettable trip.

Don’t know what to choose? Do all the options seem good to you? You can always leave the organization in the hands of professionals and just enjoy. I leave you the solution in this link to one of our circuits through Cuba.

Get ready to experience the magic of Cuba in every step of your adventure!
Have you been to Cuba? Are you coming soon? Tell us your favorite destinations!

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